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Family Freedom Protocol

This is an  Eight week inner self journey,  looking at conscious, unconscious , emotional, spiritual and mental healing.

A beautiful sequence of sessions specifically designed to peel those layers of limited beliefs, those unhealthy charged emotions, poor habits that keep you on the hamster wheel of chasing what you want from life. You're not broken, you just need tweaking, that delicious life that you've always wanted is there ready for you to step into.


Thriving instead of just surviving is your birth right and you deserve to get what you set out to achieve but YOU and the baggage you carry need to get out of the way.


In these 8 weeks we focus more on the solution than your story, we learn to take the learnings from these experiences and move forward to a life of alignment, freedom and creativity.


In a fun and exciting way, we use techniques such as NLP coaching, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Reset, forgiveness, Inner Child Work, shadow and breathwork and lots more.  You will walk away with skills forever in your toolkit for you and your future.


Personal Freedom Protocol works and its a game changer.

Client enjoying an online hypnotherapy session with Perth holistic hypnotherapist Lysa Churchely from Transition Hypnotherapy


A range of online and face-to-face sessions designed to help you thrive. Choose from a DIY course, so you can work at your own speed, or work with me on a personalised, step-by-step journey. All courses come with support materials and out of session work to ensure you achieve profound and long-lasting change. 

Trained by the founder of  Family Freedom Protocol, the world renowned, Emma Ramono.  She is also the mindest coach of:

> The Australian Cricket Team


> The Tigers Football Club

She personally taught Lysa the processes and how to apply them to others who desire more happiness, freedom and to live without trauma and baggage.

This protocol can easily be done via Zoom /Skype.

Cost for the programme is $1445


Payment support plans are available 

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