Lysa Churchley from Transition Hypnotherapy Perth performing healing foot reflexology massage

Do you want to feel relaxed, revived and restored?

I can help you to feel re-energised, by restoring your energy flow, as one of Perth’s best reflexology therapists.

Reflexology is a gentle healing process that supports you to release blocked energy to live a more vibrant life. Reflexology massage is one of the most popular alternative treatments to help you relax and achieve significant healing outcomes.


It is a non-invasive process, that uses the feet, hands, ears and body as maps to guide healing to the areas of the body in need. It’s based on the concept that these areas link to corresponding parts of the body through the nervous system.


Applying gentle pressure to these areas stimulates the flow of energy along the nerve channels to restore the body’s balance and alleviate conditions such as immune and circulation deficiencies, back pain, infertility, insomnia, respiratory disorders and stress and anxiety.

Put your best foot forward

Reflexology is primarily performed on the feet as they provide the greatest insight into the areas of the body that need releasing. If your eyes are the window to your soul, your feet are the windows to your Chakras.


Don’t worry if you feel a bit funny about your feet – a lot of my clients do. Maybe they’re ticklish, or you have an infection, but those are just symptoms of tension and your body’s way of saying it needs some attention. It tells me a great deal about your body, but if the condition is severe, hand reflexology is just as powerful.


Any foot sensitivity or condition can be overcome, so don’t let it be a reason to deprive yourself of the soothing and settling sensation reflexology can give you.  

If you're suffering from any of these issues, reflexology may be the answer you've been looking for. 

Habits and addictions

Stress management

Performance anxiety

Sleep management

Weight management

Emotion management

IVF and    infertility

Hypnotherapy  for children 

What to expect in your first reflexology session 

Your reflexology massage session will be held in the Transition Hypnotherapy clinic at The Vines, Perth.


Your initial session will take approximately 90 minutes and start by completing an intake form and confidentiality agreement. We’ll then talk about the issues you’d like to address and your goals for attending reflexology massage, as your feet soak in a soothing lavender footbath.


I’ll use a small amount of warmed essential oils to massage your feet – starting on the left, then the right. Your feet correspond to the alternative sides of your body.


Close your eyes, breath deeply, and let the relaxing sensation course through your body. Some points may feel tender or slightly painful, but it won’t be enough to distract you from your relaxed state.


Tender and sore spots reveal the areas of the body that are out of balance or blocked. I’ll pay particular attention to these areas to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability.


At the end of the session, we’ll talk about any ongoing homecare required and you’ll leave feeling relaxed, energised and calmer.

Reflexology packages 

Initial reflexology session - $135 for a 90 minute session.

Ongoing reflexology sessions - $120 for a 70 minute session.  

Reflexology FAQs