Lysa Churchley from Transition Hypnotherapy Perth performing Reiki healing

Do you want to regain your energy, focus and zest for life?  

I can help you to release your blocked energy and restore your inner balance as one of Perth’s best and most experienced Reiki healers.    

 If you feel stressed, are suffering from illness or finding it hard to manage your emotions, you may benefit from the relaxing and restorative powers of Reiki - a form of healing that releases the stress and tension stored in your body to promote healing.


Reiki massage is a gentle healing technique that uses hand movements to guide the flow of energy around your body, guided by your Chakras. It releases the stress that’s negatively impacting your life, helping your body return to a relaxed state, which can improve your sleep, mood and mind.


Reiki healing can help with a range of physical and emotional conditions, including insomnia, depression, anxiety and pain. You will feel deeply relaxed during the session and may fall into a meditative state which is like a light sleep. This calms and quietens the body, which allows it to focus on accelerating its natural healing processes.   

Relax, reset, recover  

Your mind, body and spirit are deeply connected so if one is out of alignment, it impacts the rest. You can feel stuck, exhausted and depleted because you’re using every ounce of your energy to simply survive.


Reiki massage can help you relax, reset and recover by bringing your body’s energy back into realignment, restoring your energy levels.


It’s time to step off the treadmill you’ve been on and take time to start healing yourself and get the most out of life.


If you're suffering from any of these issues, Reiki massage may be the answer you've been looking for.   

Habits and addictions

Stress management

Performance anxiety

Sleep management

Weight management

Emotion management

IVF and    infertility

Hypnotherapy  for children 

Anxiety conditions

Relationship issues

What to expect in your first Reiki session 

Your Reiki healing session will be held in the Transition Hypnotherapy clinic at The Vines, Perth.


Your session will take approximately 90 minutes and start by completing an intake form and confidentiality agreement. We’ll then talk about the issues you’d like to address and your goals for attending Reiki.


I start then start the Reiki component of the session with smudging - an ancient technique where herbs are burned to purify and bless your energy and the energy of my healing space. I will then lead you through a meditation process to ensure you feel centred and calm before starting.


You will remain fully clothed through the whole process, and lay down on a massage table. I will gently move my hands above or close to your body in a series of positions that focus on different parts of the body. I use Usui and Karuna Reiki, along with intuitive healing elements including crystals, breathing techniques and colour therapy, as part of your individualised treatment.    

Reiki packages 

Initial Reiki session - $120 for a 90 minutes session.


Ongoing Reiki sessions - $100 for a 75 minutes session.  

Reiki FAQs