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Imagine what it would be like to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised.

Holistic therapy can help you achieve this, by creating a treatment plan that targets your physical, mental and emotional needs.  

Holistic doesn’t mean hippy – it simply means the treatment of the whole person.


No one knows you like you do, but chances are your challenges are made up of multiple contributing factors that are hiding from you.

As a holistic healing therapist, I use a variety of approaches to help you identify them and treat the causes of your anxiety, stress or fears.

Understanding the root causes of an ongoing issue gives you the opportunity to take the necessary steps to address it and move forwards in your life.


Together, we’ll look at what complementary therapies can help you achieve your wellness goal.


This may include hypnosis therapy, art therapy, Gestalt, breathwork, counselling, Freedom Protocol. They all have a role to play and, in combination become extremely powerful to help release the negativity stored in the various parts of your body.


I can help you feel empowered to make change.


To kick out the constant inner critic. To find self-confidence and worth. To heal your past. To reclaim your future.

To implement lifelong and lasting change.   

Let's talk about the holistic therapies that can help you achieve all of this and more.

Lysa Churchley from Transition Hypnotherapy, Perth's best hypnotherapy performing a hypnotherapy session with a client.

Image by Free Pik


A deep state of relaxation that helps you identify the causes of your challenges, clear the negative behaviours or thoughts, implement new thought processes and behaviours and pave the way to live a happier and healthier life. 

Face-to-face or Zoom appointments available. 


One on one personal therapy, it's about you and opening up about issues and concerns . I'm in supportive role to challenge and probe thought processes to work towards making peace with the past and being a better position to view the past without an any charged emotion linked to it. From this point we can safely move forward in a healthy mind set. 


Retreats and Circles


A vital part of our health and wellness is community and purpose. For me, I love seeing a group of like minded people coming together to share and connect, Stepping out of fear and feeling uncomfortable and stepping into your powerful King or Queen. Retreats are either day or weekend retreats, here and overseas and mostly have an element of self development, along with a varied activities to tickle the different parts of us, fun, practical, healing, joyous and redefining who we are.

Circles are monthly meetings celebrating, and acknowledging our interconnectedness.    

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