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Integrative Counselling

Lysa Churchley from Transition Hypnotherapy Perth performing healing foot reflexology massage

Do you feel you can't make sense of these crazy times?

Do you feel you don't belong? You can't move forward past old hurts ? You have destructive behaviours that you struggle to change?

Integrative counselling is traditional one on one counselling but a little more personalised to suit you , because lets face it, no two people are alike. In counselling sessions we'll have a look at incorporating additional therapies such as Art Therapy, CBT, DBT, a whole myriad of tools to get around those blocks and shed light on what's holding you back. From here , we can assist  you with hypnotherapy and goal setting to getting those changes into actions. It can be something just subtle that you want to address like procrastination or something more life changing such moving on from abusive relationships.

 Counselling is extremely effective however it takes several sessions to get to the crux of the matter. Usually 6 - 7 sessions is the norm, but don't let that put you off, imagine going forward in your life never having to repeat these cycles of behaviour ever again.


Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of true strength

For many people it’s a very daunting step to seek professional help, sometimes stigma is attached , or your partner and family give unfair judgement about it but, know this , by you stepping forward and looking at getting help, sets you apart from the majority of people and also indicates to me that you honour self care and self love by endeavouring to reach out.  

That initial step can make a great change in itself. 

All sessions are done in complete privacy, your issues are not shared with anyone*, no one needs to know that you receive therapy. 

You are in control of your sessions, you are in control of you destiny, you are in control of your choices.

Make sure they are good ones.

What to expect in your first counselling session 

I work from different therapy rooms around Perth, depending on where you are and my schedule, we can discuss the location that suits us both.  During lock down periods I work from home, based in The Vines, Perth, WA 6069.

*Note that sessions can be held over Zoom


The first sessions are  30 minutes and your initial session will be getting to know your history, filling in forms , and  seeing if I'm the right person for you and that this is the correct type of therapy. Going forward, sessions are 60 minutes long and home tasks are often given. These tasks are often small 5 - 10 minute daily actions that keep the momentum of the therapy in-between visits.







Counselling Sessions and Packages

Initial Integrative Counselling session - $60 for a 30 minute session.

Ongoing per session - $110 for a 60 minute session.  

Package of 6 sessions - $ 580 for 6 x 60 minutes sessions

  • What’s the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist?
    When most people think of hypnotists, they think of stage shows where someone clicks their finger and offers suggestions for someone to suddenly believe they are a chicken, or to shed their inhibitions. From the audience’s perspective, it looks like the people on stage have given their ‘power’ over to the hypnotist, so they are fooled into thinking the subjects are under a spell. This is for entertainment only, with no consideration of the person’s condition or medical history. A trained hypnotist can use hypnosis to help people with various conditions, but is not licensed to practice hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapists use holistic therapies to address negative thought processes, as part of a treatment plan that’s been designed to achieve specific goals.
  • How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?
    The amount of hypnotherapy sessions you require depend on the severity of your condition. Conditions that respond positively to suggestion therapy, such as nail-biting, can take 1 to 4 sessions. More severe conditions that require deeper analysis, such as anxiety, fear or addiction, may require 3 to 10 hypnotherapy sessions. I will provide you with an estimate of required hypnotherapy sessions once we’ve discussed your issues, developed a treatment plan and assessed your response to the first hypnotherapy session. Once the therapeutic components fall into place, you may find you have a rapid response to change.
  • What if I can't be hypnotised?
    The only thing stopping most people from being hypnotised is their view of the process. Resistance often occurs when a client misunderstands the connection between the hypnosis process and the role of the hypnotherapist. You are not under the power of the hypnotherapist, but guided through the process by them. The best way to approach hypnotherapy, to ensure you get value from the process, is to keep an open mind, ask questions and be prepared to use your visual imagination. If you can close your eyes, and visualise your journey to the nearest shop, you’re a good candidate for hypnotherapy.
  • Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is simply being in a deep state of relaxation. As a hypnotherapist, I help you enter and exit the relaxed state as part of the session. You can’t be stuck in hypnosis as you would simply snap out of it, just like you come in and out of daydream states throughout the day.
  • Can I be made to say anything against my will?
    When you enter a deep state of relaxation, you remain conscious of everything you think and say. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed about your condition, or what is revealed to you, which is why building a relationship of trust is so important. I create a supportive environment that allows you to feel comfortable to discuss your issues, without judgement. You do not have to say anything you’re not ready to speak about.
  • Will hypnosis make me remember bad things from my past?
    You will always be in total control of your hypnotherapy sessions. We will talk about any concerns you have about past traumas, as part of our initial discussion, to ensure they are dealt with sensitively. So if bad things from your past come up, that you aren’t ready to deal with, you can divert your thoughts to something else. You will not be forced to say or discuss anything that makes you uncomfortable.
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