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Love messages

Lysa Churchley is highly regarded as providing one of the best hypnotherapy services in Perth. 

Instant improvement 

"Highly trained and skilled with a clear talent and lovely energy. I had a massive improvement after one session but will be back for more!"

Quit smoking  

"I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions over Zoom to stop smoking....I haven't touched smokes since then. I found it easy and don't get tempted. Definitely the way to go to stop smoking!"


"I love my regular sessions with Lysa. Besides opening my eyes to medical issues and providing me with great advice and tools on how to alleviate my ails, it is the most relaxing hour in my fortnight. Thanks Lysa!"

Relief from panic attacks   

Life improvement  

"Lysa has been nothing short of a god send for me. Her professionalism, kindness, varied and fantastic therapies have helped improve my life in more ways than one. I always leave feeling like a new woman. Thankyou Lysa."

Learnt self-acceptance  

"I had been suffering with panic attacks for most of my adult life. I came to Lysa for hypnotherapy and had 5 sessions - it's a complete game changer for me. It's been months since I had any panic and if I feel the anxiety getting worse I now have better control over it. I can't believe I lived with it so long. Thank you again Lysa for the change you've made."

Finds stillnesss    

Positive about her future    

"It's a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, plenty of tears are shed. I've had my fair share of counselling and I thought it was going to be the same. But it all makes sense and after each session I felt more positive and excited about my future. Thank you Lysa!"

"I had the most amazing inner child healing with Lysa - what an incredible, knowledgeable and empowering soul! This session absolutely blew my mind and have had so many positive affects on my life. I feel like a huge weight has been released and I'm able to start fully accepting myself, my life and what I do have control over. Thank you again Lysa. This was inspiring and I can’t wait for our next session!"  

Made life changes    

"I just cant get over how much I've changed - subtly over the 8 sessions. When I look back on how I was, the difference OMG and to be honest I don't really remember the issues I had that had me so upset. I would so strongly recommend this process, if I can make changes then anyone can!"

"I have had massage and reflexology treatment from Lysa of which she actually creates a long moment of stillness! Clears the mind by healing my body! Sets a humbling atmosphere in my home!"

"I have had 2 massages in the last week from Lysa, they truly are amazing! Beautiful lady with a beautiful soul..."

Finds peace    

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