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To the Woman who doesn't feel like she is enough - Kathryn Vigness

To the woman who doesn’t feel like she is enough.

You are. You are strong, sincere, and have everything you need.

Girls can be catty; don’t listen to what others say. Surround yourself with strong, independent women who will lift you even higher than you could go yourself. You deserve so much more.

To the entrepreneur who doesn’t feel like she is enough.

You are. You have more heart and drive than most. You challenge the status quo. You aren’t afraid to create a life you know is possible. Yet the doubts creep in; you question your sanity for leaving a cozy nine-to-five job to pursue what’s in your heart. You are crazy—and that’s exactly why you are more than enough. Keep pushing, you’re on the edge of something absolutely spectacular. You are enough.

To the mother who doesn’t feel like she is enough.

You are. You are the held in such high regards by mothers everywhere, because we get it. Motherhood is self-sacrifice at its finest. It does not matter how the baby came into this world—natural, cesarean, medicated, adopted—you have navigated the rugged waters of adapting and adjusting. Flexibility is your key strength. And at night when you finally close your tired, weary eyes and question if you gave enough to those little loves tucked soundly in their beds, trust yourself. You are enough.

To the college student who doesn’t feel like she is enough.

You are. These four years, they will be over in the blink of an eye. Don’t try to rush it even faster. I see you holding down two jobs while taking a full load of classes and hitting the gym to blow off some steam. I see you staying up late studying and stressing over student loans. I see you get caught up in the social scene and lose yourself in trying to find yourself. Be you. Do you. You are enough.

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